New RMA Service

Are you having issues with your JetEtch decapsulation system? Not to worry! Nisene has you covered. Using our new RMA system, our customers are able to create a ticket online, directly interacting with our service professionals and having the entire message chain tracked for reference later on.

If you have coworkers who want to be involved in your ticket, you can add as many or as few people to the ticket as you’d like. With the ability to add others, you can keep a number of people informed about the status of the ticket without having to forward a message.

Our ticketing system is easy and is backed by Zendesk, the industry-leading platform for customer service management. While we never want your IC decapper to be down for even a minute, we hope that this welcome addition will benefit our customers by utilizing a streamlined process aimed toward getting your system back up and running as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This way you can resume your failure analysis, counterfeit protection, and more — with minimal downtime.